We laughed

We cried

Some prayed

Some dog piled

We dodged tornados

We played championship baseball games at 4am

sky-diverThere were dj’s (kid cricket in the house), bouncies, Buddy Bat, and skydivers

There were magicians, sword throwers, and Panda’s making leaping catches in the outfield

What? You don’t remember the Panda’s?…well they were there…you must have just missed them. (see the video below for proof they were there)

From Hawaii to Canada, Florida to Texas, California and all places in between

New York, New Jersey, Nebraska, Indiana, & Ohio

From Peachtree City, Georgia to Oswego, Illinois

Elkhorn, Wisconsin to the Motor City (Detroit, uhh, heart of rock-n-roll)

Is it just me? Am I the only one? It is not physically possible for me to say Detroit without saying “uhh, heart of rock-n-roll”? Kids, if this doesn’t make sense please quit twerking and ask your parents what real rock-n-roll sounds like. But I digress.

sting-celebrateThere were good times

and bad times (it’s been nearly six months and I still can’t look at a hot dog or nachos without my stomach tying up in knots)

even a perfect game

Coaches were coaching

Some Coaches were dancing

Coaches should stick to coaching

(side note: there were so many great photos of coaches dancing badly that I may dedicate a whole post to it. Heck, maybe even a website. I’ve already reserved the domain name coachesdancingbadly.com  I’ll keep you posted.


Great wins!

Tough losses.

Champions were crowned

Pin trading, All Star games, Skills Competitions, and rain storms of biblical proportions…yet we endured. More importantly, you endured. All for the love of a game!

Friendships were forged and memories were made

But all good things must come to end.

The 2013 MLB season is coming to an exciting close with playoff baseball all this week.

The Rangers season came to a dramatic end two nights ago.

The Reds ended last night

And either the Rays or the Indians will hang it up tonight

Mariano Rivera is hanging it up.

futures-paradeThe final episode of Breaking Bad

The final episode of Real Housewives

(easy ladies, I’m just kidding. The last one was just wishful thinking, heaven forbid!)

The Government is even shutting down

(Call me a conspiracy theorist but a Government shutdown during MLB Playoffs…come on Capitol Hill, we’re totally onto you, I’m picturing four 120 inch Samsung’s playing MLB playoff games inside the Senate chambers and situation room with party trays, German Beer Steins with the presidential seal, and buffalo wings for all!)

But every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end

And now we must look ahead to 2014

To our 2014 youth baseball tournaments…

The 2014 Youth Baseball Nationals

More teams

More weeks

New cities, new parks, new age groups

more nachos, more hot dogs….

Please no more hot dogs ughhhh

Waterparks, Bat Museums, and an Ocean

Championships in college stadiums

And more Panda’s making plays in the outfield (ok about the Panda’s. People often ask us what it’s like working at Athletx and the Youth Baseball Nationals. Common questions are “you know, like what do you do there on a daily basis? It seems like a fun place to work, but what exactly do you do?” So I made this video to capture the hard work we do here on a daily basis, this is us working! And a panda in a pickle!

So gather up your jackets, move it to the exits, I hope you’ll take a look at our shiny new site and sign your team up for 2014!  Sign ups are coming in everyday and we are already starting to get close to filling up in some age groups (12U and 13U, you’ve been warned!)



Tip of the cap to our 2013 winners!!! Congrats to you all!

We are working on a page to recognize past and future winners.

Week 1 Champs

9U   Detroit Bees (MI)

10U   Premier Storm (KY)

11U   Ballhawgs (KY)

12U   Columbus Cobras (OH)

13U   Central Florida Gators (FL)

14U   Ninja Sports (KY)


Week 2

9U    Brooklyn Blue Storm (NY)

10U   Valparaiso Vikings (IN)

11U   Sarasota Sting (FL)

12U   Appleton Panthers (WI)

13U   Showtime Sports Academy (TN)

14U   Delaware Vipers (DE)


PSS: I did not make the video. All credit to the boys of Dude Perfect. No Panda’s were hurt in the filming of this video. Or at least I’m pretty sure they were not. I wasn’t there. But the boys from Dude Perfect seem really nice and I can’t believe they would hurt anyone, let alone panda’s. I mean, who hurt’s panda’s?


Trivia Time: What song is the line “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end” from?

Name the song

Name the band who recorded it.

Name the songwriter.

(Hint: I’m looking at you, Minnesota)

First two correct responses (with all three answers) will receive a cool baseball print. Email us at support@athletx.com with the subject line “Trivia answers” so I can prove to my bosses once and for all that more than two people (beside my mom) read this blog. (Sorry Mom, you’re not eligible to win the prints)

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