Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Water Park Orlando

Complimentary 2 Day Passes included as part of your Nationals Experience!

TWO DAY Passes Are Included As Part Of The Nationals!

All players and coaches receive complimentary two day passes, as part of your Nationals experience, to Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Water Park! Located in Orlando, only about a 40 minute drive from the ball park, Aquatica features some amazing attractions that only SeaWorld could provide. Attractions like the incredible Dolphin Plunge, the park’s most popular ride, where two side-by-side enclosed tube slides send you racing through an underwater world that is home to a playful pod of black and white dolphins!

We attempt to make sure each team has one off day scheduled during pool play, the first 4 days of the Nationals, which will allow your team and family members to spend a day at Aquatica. Players and coaches are FREE and discounted admission is available for all family members HERE.

Your visit to Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Water Park will further enhance the bonding of your team and families and your total experience at the Youth Baseball Nationals!

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Aquatica, SeaWorld's Water Park - Youth Baseball Nationals

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