Alternative Lodging Request Form

If your team desires to stay outside of the Nationals Hotel Group (i.e. campgrounds, RV parks, with relatives, etc.), or otherwise do not wish to book through our stated procedures (i.e. using rewards points, discount clubs, hotels outside the Nationals Hotel Group, etc.) then you may make an Alternative Lodging Request. However, please note, because of the considerations listed on our lodging page, and because our revenue share with our lodging partners has been factored in and discounted from the tournament entry fees, any teams that request alternative lodging or do not book through our housing partner, Traveling Teams Inc, will incur a lodging surcharge of $1,250 that will be added to your team entry fee and must be paid with your team’s final balance payment.

Please fill out the form below to notify us that you will be utilizing alternative lodging outside of the Nationals Hotel Group.