Dancing, Games, Free Cash and Fun! All For A Great Cause!

Wednesday nights at the Nationals is time to let loose!

Every Wednesday night when the lights go down it’s time to party at the Nationals! One of the many fun events during your week is the Nationals Glow Party. DJ Double Play revs up the music and plays all the kids favorite tunes and some of the parents favorite ones too! And best of all, the Nationals Glow Party is for a great cause! Each week we pick a local or regional charity to benefit. At the party glow sticks and other glow merchandise is sold at a nominal price and 50% of the proceeds go towards charity! It’s an awesome way to give back to the community who have hosted us and our families all week. Not to mention, everyone who attends has a blast!

We encourage all families to attend this fun night. The bigger the attendance, the bigger the impact! At this point in the tournament, most teams are eliminated and anticipating all the fun coming in Championship Thursday festivities the next day so it’s a great way to relieve all the tension from competing all week and just have a great time and a lot of fun. Check out one of our Game Day videos on this page that feature some highlights from the Nationals Glow Party to catch a glimpse of just how much fun this night is!

Check Out Glow Party Highlights In This Game Day Video!

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